Ladykin – Light Bulb Facial Serum Whitening Repair Firming 30pcs

Want a Whitening Face?

  • Dilute Spots
  • Improve Redness

This product is a parallel import and non-returnable.


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SK2 light bulb with nicotinamide
Whitening skin, dilute spots
Improve redness and acne marks
Antioxidant, dull, calm and soothe, create a radiant muscle

The texture is refreshing and the ductility is strong. The moment of pushing open will turn into small water droplets and absorb ultra-fast. Put your heart on your face and use your body temperature to help absorb it. The effect will be better.
This essence is like a booster, which can promote the subsequent absorption of skin care products. It can also help metabolize melanin and prevent melanin from floating on the surface.